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Backyard Cookouts: 4 Ideal Seafoods for the Grill

Grilling Seafoods
When you typically think of a backyard cookout, some of the more common foods that come to mind are hamburgers and hot dogs. But why not kick things up a notch by including a variety of seafood in the mix? Seafood cooks great on the grill, and it can be a lighter, healthier option as well.
A number of the seafood options cook directly on the grill, and there are a variety of ways to cook the seafood on a grill and serve up delicious flavors to family and guests. You can also purchase wholesale portions of seafood so there's plenty to go around.

1. Foil Pack Salmon

Cooking directly on the grill adds a smoky flavor to everything you eat, but if you don’t like the smoky flavor, you can prepare foil packs with salmon and other types of fish.
For this cooking method, shape a large piece of aluminum foil into a rectangle with the edges lifted up to keep everything contained inside. Place the fish fillet directly on the foil along with any seasonings you like.
Surround the salmon with extra options including corn, lemon slices, or another side like potatoes. Wrap the foil packet tightly and cook it on the grill at a medium heat. Thanks to the foil packet, the fish will steam naturally inside and offer a nice even cook. Cook each side for six minutes, then serve the foil packs to your guests.

2. Grilled Catfish

Catfish is a unique seafood to serve up at cookouts. It offers a wide variety of unique flavors, especially when paired with spices and other ingredients. As you order wholesale catfish, you have multiple options to choose from.
You can order the catfish whole or pre-cut into filets. Both cuts can be placed directly on the grill or using a flat grill pan. The smokiness of the grill helps bring out unique flavors and creates a delicious meal with each bite. Serve up the catfish with some French fries or potato chips on the side.

3. Grilled Crab Legs

One of the easier types of shellfish to cook on the grill is grilled crab legs. When you order crab legs wholesale, there is very little prep needed to get them ready for the grill. Brush some oil or butter on the legs, add your favorite seasonings, and then just lay the legs across the grill.
After a few minutes, turn the legs over and repeat the process. The legs brown up a little and indicate they are ready to eat. Add a dipping sauce on the side of the crab legs for more flavors and options.

4. Shrimp Kebabs

For smaller pieces of seafood, the kebab is an ideal way to cook. Shrimp kebabs offer a way to cook shrimp along with a variety of vegetables like peppers and potatoes. Shrimp easily slides on a skewer. You can even place six to seven shrimp on a single skewer if you would like.
Shrimp kebabs are easy to serve as you prepare a kebab for each person. Kebabs are best prepared ahead of time. Then once the cookout starts, you can toss them on the grill for everyone. When using spice on the shrimp, lemon pairs well on the kebab and offers a nice sweetness to go with all the spice.
But the best part of Kebabs is that you can use a variety of different spices and flavors to give everyone a lot of options.
For all of your wholesale seafood needs, contact us at Vince's Shellfish Company. We have a variety of options to choose from, and we can provide you with wholesale seafood at great prices.